Hi Beauties! I know the world is crazy right now. We are a few weeks from finally seeing what everyone’s natural hair color is. I’m sure when this is all over I am going to get a ton of phone calls for summer color. Now for most people this is highlights or maybe add some pretty strawberry blonde tones. For others it means vivid fantasy colors. I am one of those. Right now I am rocking pink and rose gold hair. I have had all sorts of bright colors. Now if you are thinking about adding some of these wild tones to your locks, let me give you a little run down on achieving and maintaining these amazing colors.

First thing I need to say, if you have color on your hair now, please don’t expect to get bright hair in one visit. It’s not that it can’t happen, but we have to lift out your old color before we can apply the vivids. If you’re looking at anything in the light range (pinks, orange, yellow, green, pastels, silver/gray) your hair needs to be almost white. If your hair is colored dark brown to black, be prepared for a couple appointments to get it light enough. You might have to live with red or orange tones somewhere on your color journey. Also be prepared to lose some length. Lightening hair to white can be damaging even when your stylist takes extra precautions.

Fantasy colors are art, your hair is the canvas. As a stylist in the salon, I get all of those amazing Pinterest pictures brought in to me. We love to see your inspiration. But remember: it is just that. You have different hair than the model in the photo, and you most likely are working with a different artist. Your canvas is probably not the exact same as the models. You may have thinner hair, or darker previous color than they do, which can affect the final outcome of your color. We will do everything in our power to give you the look you want, however each artist does things a little different. Know that we will use your ideas to create something unique and beautiful for you.

Fantasy colors require a lot of maintenance. You can expect your color to start fading from the first shampoo. Not so much if you have the darker jewel tones like dark purple, blue, deep red. But anything light or pastel will fade fast. Most pastel colors last approximately 2 weeks. Vivids in general have a life expectancy of 2-6 weeks. Your stylist can help you plan a schedule to maintain your hair. Bright hair is an investment, it can be very expensive and time consuming.

Most of my vivid work takes 3+ hours. The cost will vary depending on how much hair you have and how intricate your color plan is. Fantasy hair is not cheap. Plan a few hundred dollars at least to get started. Most stylists do offer complimentary consultations to give you a better idea of your cost and what is achievable with your hair.

I don’t think the maintenance for home is too terrible, but it does require a few sacrifices. Hot showers? A big nope. Hot water opens the cuticle on your hair. Most bright colors don’t go far into the hair shaft, they sit more at the surface, so using hot water on them is like washing your money down the drain.  Wash your hair in cold water with professional color protect shampoo. Don’t freak out the first few shampoos when you see it bleed all over. That is totally normal. Also, the less you wash your hair the better.  Dry shampoo is truly your friend. If your brights are all one color, you can also get a color depositing shampoo or conditioner to keep it bright between your appointments. Watercolors by Tressa or Viral by Celeb Luxury are my go to brands for color depositing shampoos.

You also need to avoid chlorine. Pools and hot tubs can completely take your color out. Keep it pulled up and out of the water. You can also use a well fitting swim cap to keep it covered. May not be fashionable but it will keep your $200+ investment bright. Last thing to remember. Fantasy colors can be messy. Say goodbye to white shirts, pillowcases and towels. Also, the bottom of your shower will be stained by the darker or more pigmented colors. I recommend investing in a few really dark towels and pillowcases to avoid stains on everything.

If I haven’t scared you away yet then I think you are ready for some fantasy hair. Research your stylist well. Check their instagram and see if they do these colors. Some stylists don’t work with vivids so make sure you are picking someone with experience. Enjoy the unicorn/ mermaid/ fantasy life. It is such a fun way to express your personal style. Live your life the way you want, remember to be yourself and….

Stay Bright!

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