Quarantine Beauty Tips

I have been struggling with what to write this week. Being at home full time hasn’t been very inspirational. However I am starting to find ways to feel like myself. Not letting yourself get down during this is so important. Beauty is a feeling just as much as looks. We all need a little beauty in our lives right now.

The first few days of this shelter in place I did nothing for myself. It just made me feel worse about the situation. I’m talking not even brushing my hair. Now I realized that I need to take care of myself and why not have a little fun while stuck at home. This is the perfect time to try out that wild and crazy makeup look. Or give yourself a mini facial while soaking in your tub. Take care of yourself. Drink your water, take that walk. Get up and do your hair or makeup if it makes you feel better.

On the color end of things, I am very much in the “show me your roots” feel right now. I know hair color makes us feel better, however anything you put on your hair at home will make your next trip to the stylist a little more difficult. I am rocking about 1.5 inches of my natural hair right now. As a stylist, I know I miss my guests as much as they are missing me right now. I can’t wait to get back into the salon and pamper them. If you have a regular stylist who is at home, you can always reach out to them and get their advice on what to do. 

Most will ask for you to please wait for them. We are going to need you as much as you need us. You could always reach out to just say hi. We are extroverts for the most part. We are not ok right now. Might even be losing it a little.

If you do need something to camouflage the roots a bit you can always take eyeshadow and powder in what is showing. Also, you can get a spray that will cover your roots until you shampoo. I don’t like how they feel on my scalp, so I spray a little on in a dish and take a toothbrush to paint it on. Works like a charm. If it’s long enough, try some french braids around the front or tie a cute scarf like a headband. Very boho chic.

If you are interested in a mini self facial here are the steps:

I know this time is tough. I’m right there with you. But we will get through this. Enjoy the time you have with your families, reach out to those people that dont have anyone, and take a minute to breathe. This is the time to let your beauty and light shine.

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