Wellness Wednesday



Flourish: Thriving in Everyday Life

The law of the Lord refers to the prophecies declared and scripture written that are accredited to Moses, the patriarch. David had a lot less Bible to encourage himself in the Lord compared to what we have now. David wrote the first Psalm towards the end of his life. He had achieved wealth…


Some Love, Truth, & Carrots with Dip

It was an ordinary sibling squabble that ended with something unkind flung at the younger sister and younger sister dishing back whatever she could to older brother before running into her bedroom to hide. At least that’s what I surmised, observing that her bedroom light was…


Honor, Shame & Jesus

People questioned Jesus with two motives in mind. They either wanted to publicly discredit and shame Him or to understand his teachings [honor]. For the sake of shame, public questions were smoke screens…


Why I Pray: Part 3

Today, people tend to choose churches or spirituality majorly based on the appeal of the teaching and the music instead of the fervency of prayer. Prayer is foundational to a house of teaching or a house of worship. The church is a house of prayer for all nations. Prayer is not…

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