background info

Originally, All Unrivaled was just supposed to be a food blog. However, after seeing so many people hurting and living in the shadow of who society thought they should be, founder Kira Biastock decided to expand the scope of the project. She reached out to recruit the wisest and most loving people she knew in order to help people be the best version of themselves and to love themselves for who they are. Thus, All Unrivaled was born.

Our Vision

Here at All Unrivaled, we genuinely care and want to see this world transformed into a loving place, where everyone is free to be who they are and rely on their fellow man. We want to create an environment of joy and love.

About our Mission

We want you to be the best version of yourself. We love you, God loves you, and you should love you too. We want you to become “all unrivaled” in your own eyes and embrace the beautiful human that you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re short, tall, black, white, etc. What matters is what’s inside of you, who you’re meant to be and loving every piece. We’re all different - which is a fantastic thing - but we’re also all the same. We all live in this world together, making mistakes, having successes, hurting, loving, etc. You’re not alone. We’re right here with you.


The contributors

Kira Biastock, Founder, Editor & Food Connoisseur

Hi! I'm Kira. I'm basically just a huge geek who loves her food. Self described gamer, artist, amateur food tinkerer, and computer hobbyist, living with my wonderful husband, Steve, and our adorable corgi, Moose. Food is my passion, but I wear many other hats and am hoping to empower and inspire people, sparking joy and love to those I interact with.

David Tumusiime, Wellness Aficionado

I am an ordained Pastor, husband and father. I have over ten years ministry experience and leadership. I love to assess organizational strategies and developing innovative solutions. I studied ministerial and theological studies at Oral Roberts University with a concentration on local church pastor. I love equipping, engaging, and empowering people with the word and love of God. I grew up in Uganda, Africa in my formative years and now live in the United states. ​

Danielle Foll, Beauty Expert

Hey there! I'm Danielle. I am a licensed cosmetologist since 2006 and beauty is my passion! Being a part of the beauty industry has been amazing! I love to explore the artistic side of it with my hair and make-up. Away from my career, I am a momma to two amazing kids and a wife to my wonderful husband, Matt. I love all things art. In my free time, I love to paint, read (anything I can get my hands on) and sew. I have recently taken up ballet just for fun. I am looking forward to sharing my life experiences and love of beauty with you. Remember always... You are beautiful!

Ken Wood, Pro Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Hi gang! I’m a professional health coach and personal trainer who works with clients to optimize their health and wellness. My vision is to help others become their happiest, healthiest, most successful selves and, through that, to serve my community and the world. You can reach me at kenwoodwellness@gmail.com.

Recurring Guest contributors

Brad Douglas, Savvy Health Stud

Brad Douglas is an active-duty U.S. Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer, Scoutmaster of Asia’s Far East Council Boy Scout Troop 45, Pilot, Resiliency Trainer, and Fitness Enthusiast.

Brad has spent 11 years pursuing effective balance, valuable personal enhancement, and knowledge in all aspects of life. His fitness experience includes bodybuilding, jiu-jitsu, marathon running, power-lifting, survival combatives, swimming, and yoga.

Pearl Allard, Blogger Extraordinaire

Pearl Allard is happily-mostly-aftered to her hero of seventeen years and is a homeschooling mama to two crazy-wonderful kids in Southwest Michigan. She blogs at Look Up Sometimes, nurturing Son-followers to enjoy grace.

Becky Pearce, Fitness Mama

Hello All! My name is Becky Pearce! I’m a full time stay at home mom with two crazy sons. I’ve always struggled with my weight, wishing I could be the “thin” girl but always loved food too much. In March of 2018, I found an amazing program called “Transform” which completely changed my life. I dropped 55 pounds in just over a year! I’m so excited to share my journey of health, fitness and real life motherhood!