Our Beautiful World

Beauty. This means something different to all of us. When I think of beauty, I mostly think of the worldly things. Hair, makeup, fashion. These things surround us. They are a part of our everyday lives. I spend my working life in this beauty business. But I really want to take a minute to appreciate a different kind of beauty. Maybe one we take for granted, especially with the craziness of the world today.

I have a morning habit as the weather gets warmer. I call it my coffee shuffle. While my house is still quiet and the world is just waking up, I grab my robe and a cup of coffee and go outside. I start by standing on my deck and just looking around. I listen to the birds singing, watch for the rabbits hopping, and just appreciate the cool breeze and sun shining on my face. 

It’s beautiful.

I then walk around my flower beds and start looking for signs of life. This is my peaceful time. This is my time to appreciate the beauty that is the world waking up for spring. Right now I have little green shoots coming up through the old fall leaves. My orchid is blooming. The sky is starting to get that brilliant blue color back. The sun is starting to shine and it feels so amazing on my skin.

This time of year I also think of the beauty in the people around us. I think of the beauty in a child’s laugh as we near my son’s birthday. The kids run wild in the yard playing together. It’s beautiful. It brings a smile to my face to see them carefree and happy. The warm conversations with a friend as you go for a walk together after months of being cooped up. These are beautiful moments that can be cherished forever.

We do family days with my parents out at their river property. The families of ducks start to swim by. My mom has baskets of colorful flowers popping up all over. I know she will be waiting there with a home cooked meal for us all to share sitting on the deck overlooking the river. We’ll play games and have a bonfire. My dad always has a great conversation or amazing project to share. And it is beautiful. Life is beautiful, sometimes we take the beauty of this stunning world for granted.

So today, take a few extra moments as we come into spring. Things have slowed down for so many of us right now.  

Look around and notice what a gift this world is.

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