Embrace Your Colors

Ladies keep your head up… The only reason a woman should ever look down is to show off her eyeshadow.”

Makeup is an art form, and just like in art there are rules. However, like most they can be bent or broken. I’m sure you have seen from some of my other posts that I love makeup. To me it’s like painting. You can create new shapes, discover new color combinations, and be free. It is all about self expression. I love to try different things and just see what happens.

Eyeshadow is my favorite to play with. I love experimenting. When I first started I had no idea what I was doing. It was everywhere. I had a habit of just slapping on one color and calling it good. Blending wasn’t in my vocabulary. I also had no clue on how to choose colors that flattered my skin and eyes. All of that came with practice and a ton of watching the makeup artists around me work.

Let me share a few quick tips that helped me get a little more comfortable with my eye makeup.

I put together a little collage of one of my favorite shadow looks I do on myself. This is my first time putting one together so hopefully it’s easy to follow. I used the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe for all my shadows, Morphe Liquid eyeliner, ColourPop concealer for my cut crease, and Tarte Maneater for my mascara.

Get this look:


Remember to have fun with it. Break the rules and try something new. You are already beautiful. Enjoy decorating your canvas.

*Concealer or eye primer for cut crease.

Stock photo credit: Photos by FaestockHolly 16, WTF, Modern Portrait 17, Self Portrait Stock Image 1, Aura 5

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