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Find Your Shampoo Soulmate

When I get compliments on my hair, I always laugh a little and say “Thanks, I washed it!” If you have read my post about dry shampoo, you know that doesn’t always happen… But in all honesty, it looks amazing on shampoo days because I have found a shampoo and conditioner that work together for my specific hair needs. Now I know walking into that shampoo isle can be daunting. 

There are so many choices. It can be hard to find the right combo for your mane. It’s mostly trial and error finding the perfect set, but there are a few things you can remember to look for when shopping.

First you need to know your hair. Is it colored? Lightened? Curly? Dry? Oily? Flat? Do you use heat on it every day? Knowing things like this will help you know what to look for. For example, my hair is lightened (bleached). This makes it more prone to being dry and fragile. For my hair, I like to use something repairing. The Redken Extreme line is amazing. It helps give life back to my lackluster locks. Your shampoo needs are going to change as your style changes. Colored hair? You need a color protect/locking product — especially if you have any vivid or red color to your hair. With the warmer months coming, the sun will bleach the color right out. A good color protect line will help keep it looking like new longer.

Now my curly people out there. Can I just say, I love your hair!!! As a straight, no volume girl, I love the bounce you have. If you chose to embrace that beautiful natural curl, you have so many choices. Natural is in and every hair company is working on having the best line for it. Curly hair does tend to be a little drier, so looking for a curl shampoo with moisture is always a good idea. I love the Davines Love Curl line. The products smell so good and actually do what they say they will.

Let’s talk about one thing that has been a hot button in the shampoo world: Sulfates. What are sulfates? They are a lathering agent. You can find them in different cleaning products as well as shampoos. Now for a while we were told they are bad and should be avoided. As far as hair goes, that really is a case by case situation.

If you have compromised hair, they can be damaging as they are made to strip oils and dirt out. If your hair is colored, a sulfate containing shampoo would not be a great idea as it can cause your color to fade faster. However, if you have healthy, normal hair, or even oily hair, it’s not a problem as they will just give you a good clean feeling. It all just goes back to know your personal hair.

Don’t be afraid to look around and try out a few different lines. If you’re still feeling a little lost, your stylist will have a few recommendations for you. They have already done the research and picked out the lines they think are best. And most of them conveniently have them at the salon for you to purchase. Have fun trying out a few new products and enjoy your healthy, beautiful hair!

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