Which Diet is the Best?

You’ve probably noticed there are dozens of diets out there. High/low carb, high/low fat, fruit based, paleo and everything in between and all of them have devoted followers who say they have transformed their bodies and health. So how can so many wildly different diets seem to work? What is the common thread that ties them together?

There seems to be a couple of answers. First, research suggests that any diet that drops weight is cutting calories and/or making your body a better fat burner. Whether it does it by adjusting your ratios of protein, carbs, fat and fiber, or with detailed tracking and group support, they all work through one or both of those mechanisms. It comes down to choosing a system that works for your personality and lifestyle – as long as you have researched the safety and health of it. 

But while a system is necessary, it’s only half the story. There’s a critical factor that powers every diet and without which the best diet ever is useless. It’s called commitment. We have to decide to go all in.

So, the best diet is the one you will commit to.

Anyone who has lost significant weight on a diet was successful because they found a system, and a mindset, that they could go all in on. Someone put it this way: “Your mind must arrive at your destination before you do.”
So get your mind ready first (see my other posts on Becoming Unstoppable and Tips for Transformation Parts 1 & 2), then find a system that feels sensible and realistic enough that you can make a total commitment to it. That doesn’t mean perfection, but it does mean that where an 80% commitment says, “I will, if (I have enough time, I make it to the store, I don’t have to work late, etc), 100% commitment says, “I will, EVEN if…

The best diet, then, is commitment.

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