Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder

Hi! My name is Dani and I have a problem… Ok, maybe not a problem per se, unless you are my husband and fighting for shelf space in the bathroom. I love makeup. I love the cheap makeup and the expensive stuff, (much to my husband’s dismay) and my 16 year old daughter is following in my footsteps. So you can imagine what a trip to Ulta or Sephora is like. We can spend hours in these stores, coming out smelling of 20 different fragrances, arms covered in eye shadow swatches. It is amazing. It is like my own personal Disney World.

In all seriousness, these stores can be overwhelming. There are so many makeup options now that you can get lost just trying to find mascara. We took my mom there this past weekend and it took us 30 minutes just going over the different foundations. Now I know these stores cater to the expensive brand name makeup, however you can 

get some great make-up for reasonable prices. Let me show you my collection and where I save/splurge when I have a shopping trip for makeup. No judgment on my crazy stash.

Have you ever heard of Morphe? If not, let me introduce you. This is my go to brand for so many things. The biggest one is eye shadow. The shadows are super pigmented. They go on like butter. And for me personally, they last all day. An eyelid primer will help them stay all day too. Morphe has a full makeup line. Everything from foundations to shadows to lips. Brushes, setting sprays, makeup removers and more.

Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill, and James Charles have all partnered with them to come out with Shadow palettes and other products. Best thing is the price. You can get a 35 pot shadow palette for $25! I may have 10 Morphe palettes in my house… But remember I said no judgement. You can get Morphe at Ulta, online, or if you are lucky you can find an actual Morphe store. I am currently using a Morphe foundation. It is a full coverage matte foundation for $18! I have been pairing it with my Morphe Bake and Setting powder ($12) in banana. Amazing skin all day.

I am currently using the Sephora brand contour palette – $29 for 3 highlights and 3 contour colors. It has lasted me so long. It goes on smoothly and stays on all day. You can’t beat it when similar size brand name ones are going for $45 and up. Sephora and Ulta brand products have really come a long way, and they both offer really nice makeup at a more reasonable price.

Another thing I am obsessed with is a good lippie. I want it to stay on all day and not flake. These I will splurge on a little bit. Buxom and NARS are both amazing. Rich pigments that last a long time. However Morphe and ColourPop are both really good too. And less pricey. I just bought a ColourPop lippie stix for $7! And it is so buttery! At that price I am tempted to go get a few more.

Last thing I want to mention is don’t ignore the top brands. Different times of the year they have ridiculous deals. I got a three pack of Tarte mascaras for $30. That is insane considering they are usually $22 a piece! I also snagged a SmashBox travel size trio. It has two small 8 color eye shadows and a 3 pot highlight/blush one. Originally $22 but I got it on black friday for $11.

Check out the gift boxes and small displays. They usually have some amazing sets for great prices. 

I know makeup shopping can be intense, but remember it’s all about fun! This is your chance to play around with your look, try something new, and…

Make life a little more colorful!

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