Moving Forward

Everyone’s walk is different. Some walk, some jog, some run, and some crawl. The point is: we’re moving forward.
The mind and body are connected. In a rut? Move. Your thoughts will follow your feet. Effort speaks and momentum builds.
Sometimes we need a change of scenery. A change of pace.

In the home office every day? Let’s check out the living room.
Homebody? Let’s step outside for the sun’s free Vitamin D.
Raining or cloudy? The fresh air is worth it.
Cheap clothes prepared to get work done? Check.
Shoes to get you moving? Check.
Mental fortitude? We’re here. Definite Check.

Today we’re not going to bother with technicalities. Thinking too much can keep us from seizing opportunity. Today we’re not focusing on anything but, moving forward. Progress. Getting better.

Numbers? Not the focus.
Shame? Never heard of it.
The only person you need to think about is you, and the you that you are sculpting.


Feet together. Chest off the ground. Hands in a natural shoulder width spread. Shoulders back and locked.
Glutes engaged. Core (abs) engaged. Body flat and level.
Too technical?

Lie on the ground.
And Push.

Painless movement to an elevated, flat, and controlled body frame. Still too technical?
We pushed up.
New Goal
Do as many as you can. Got a number? Good. Take half of that. Do that many 3 more times. Muscles give out? Rest until you can finish the number.

Too difficult? Use your knees as the pivot point instead of your feet. Still too hard? Perform the movement leaning against a wall. We’re here to make YOU better at YOUR level. Not somebody else.


The Great Desire: Rock Hard Abs

Lay Down.
Secure your feet: plant them, have a friend hold them, or shove them under a heavy object.
Hands behind your head (lightly touch your ears). Or hands on your chest.
Sit Up.

We’re not pulling our head or jerking our neck, we’re not vigorously hurling our upper torso forward and we’re not using our legs.
Simply crunch your stomach together,
Curl your body up,
Squeeze your abs all the way through to the upward 90 degree position,
And fall back in a controlled motion.

Too much?
Sit Up. Lay Down.

Do as many as you can until you can’t. Take half of that number and do 3 more rounds. Just like we did for push-ups.


Feet Shoulder Width Apart.
Feet planted like tree trunks. They don’t move.
Glutes go back first as you lower.
Knees not past your toes, but inline with your feet.
Abs engaged. Back Straight.
90 degrees.

Too Much?
Sit down on an imaginary (or real) park bench or chair. Now, stand.

Do as many repetitions as possible. Take half of that and perform 3 sets of those.
Just as we did with the previous exercises.
Crush as many as you can, safely, efficiently, and with purpose.


Tools needed: Bar/Playground/Mountain Cliff

Don’t think you can do one? Let’s find out.

Step one: Grab the bar.
Feet off the ground. Bar held by shear grip and desire to rid yourself of squat leg soreness.
Shoulders rolled back. Back engaged.

Step two: Pull.

Goal: Head over the bar.
Back engaged, feel your back muscles PULL you up.
NOT your shoulders, or your biceps, or your forearms, or a swinging motion.
Go for as many repetitions as you can. That’s all.

30 Second Hold – Hold on to the bar in a neutral position (don’t look at the sky or ground). Just forward.



Every muscle worked needs to have fresh blood flow.
Stretching gets this done.
It’s importance is significant and with warm muscles, there is no better time to get this done.


This page has loads of incredible recipes. That and drink WATER.
Fast food? NO. Don’t think about it. You need real fuel. You want quality, not quantity.
Your fuel intake determines how your body functions. It’s REAL.
The mind is connected to the body. With improper food intake, expect the same mental repercussions.


Sleep is recovery. The body wants to heal. 8 hours is a minimum.
Exercise is a controlled “breaking” of muscles which introduces a need to “fix” and “grow”.
The body needs to mentally shut down to best perform the reparatory actions we need.
The brain needs a break.
Physically this is necessary.
Mentally this is a must.

We’re sculpting our best selves.




We’re Moving Forward.

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Next month we go deeper into fitness. I’ll see you there. – Brad

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