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Have to vs Blessed to

For those that follow my posts, you know that I’m into gratitude, lol. I believe gratitude and appreciation are two of our greatest sources of self-esteem and happiness (see my last post, “Earned Worth”).

While washing my hands today I noticed the herbal sleep aid we get from the health food store to help my son get quality rest. It’s $46 and lasts a month. My unthinking reaction was, “Ugh, 46 bucks a month!” A second later, the me I aspire to be kicked in and I thought, “I’m blessed to be able to support my son’s sleep health. Thank you, Bryan (my boss), and Bronson (my employer).”

This took me from low-level feelings of anxiety and resentment, to gratitude for being able to provide. Next time I walk into that store, if I am aware, I will (somewhat) joyfully part with my $46 because it now represents:

With practice and awareness, we can find so many ways to feel blessed. When I finish writing this, I will go clean the fish tank for my son while he is away at his mom’s. I find this to be a…sigh…tedious and messy job. But…I am thankful to be able to keep my word to my son (and myself), and so build trust and connection. 

This is true wealth, value far beyond the cost or time I will spend.

I invite you to challenge yourself to notice the ways you are blessed to spend your money, time, and effort today! Leave me a comment and let me know!

PS: As you may have noticed, I love teaching and training (as a personal trainer and health coach) and consider it my purpose (the reason I’m here).

As another step to reach more folks and make it sustainable, I’ve created a business website: www.kenwoodwellness.com. If you’re feeling it, I’d love to have you check it out. For feedback, for learning, or if you think it would help you or someone else, contact me for a consultation.

Cheers and high fives to making this a happier world together!

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