The Journey

They say the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. But if that step is in the wrong direction, then the faster your progress and the further away you get.

Get clear on your destination.

What is your vision? Your purpose in the world?

What would inspire you to leap out of bed in the morning?

What would you look back on at the end of your life and be broken hearted you never tried to achieve?

Expand your vision beyond your fears and limitations. Do you ever see something and think, that would be so cool to be or do, but… followed by all the reasons it’s not practical, realistic, lack the time or money, family would never go for it, too many other responsibilities, would take too long…?

While there is undoubtedly truth to all of those…

...a fixed mindset sees walls. A growth mindset sees ladders.

You were born to grow. You’ve been doing it all your life. We were born helpless. Think about all we’ve learned since then. So don’t stop now. The world desperately needs your talents, your passion, and your vision. Perhaps your spirit does too. That vision could be a great leader, or a great parent. An amazing artist, or an amazing home health aide. Regardless, you transform the world one creation and one person at a time. I believe we transform ourselves in the process.

What are we capable of? It’s unknowable. Yes, we need to consider current reality. There’s only so much we can prudently do today. But hopefully, we have a little time left in the world. Why not make it interesting? Small, daily steps often reveal a path we didn’t see until we started moving. Expect twists and turns, and for your vision to evolve over time, sometimes growing in unexpected directions. Focus on your growth process, getting better is a reward all by itself. The ultimate outcome in only partly in our control. So staying hopeful and grounded, focusing on what we can control or influence today, and enjoying the process will give us a daily win.

The same way the tallest building in the world was built one beam and one block at a time, learning to find a bit of joy—or at least satisfaction—in each step forward, seems to me a great way to build a joyful, satisfying life and to take your rightful place in building a more joyful, satisfying world.

Cheers to your growth!

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