Start with Your Dreams

Start with your dreams, not your limitations.

Bringing in the constraints of reality is the second step, not the first. There is a story about the training of work elephants. When the elephant is young, the trainer ties a heavy chain to its leg. No matter how hard it pulls, it can’t escape. By the time the elephant is grown and could easily rip out the heaviest chain, the trainer needs only to tie it with a thin rope. The elephant has lost any hope of escape, and won’t even try.

It's called learned helplessness, and it's not limited to elephants.

So don’t begin with what you believe to be your limitations. Begin with your heart’s desires. Then question your limitations. Hard. We grow through our lives, just like the elephants. What limited us once, we may have grown (or can grow) beyond it. Question your assumptions. If you really really want it, what price are you willing to pay? Is there a way to make that price affordable?

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