Love is Hard

The common definition of “hard” is “difficult”. And we’d probably agree that love is, at least at times. But the dictionary adds others: “Not soft. Unyielding. Done with great strength”. This kind of love can be fierce, like the love of a warrior for the people they protect. Or the tough love that parents must sometimes bring down on their kids. We might call this heroic love. And more than a feeling, it’s an action.

In Christianity, the Bible says “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son” (John 3:16 NKJV)¹. In the Marvel Universe, two of The Avengers willingly sacrifice themselves to save the world. There are many small, daily ways we all show love. From cheering up a friend, to covering a work shift for a sick colleague, to picking up trash. It calls upon our highest self, and is a bigger, broader definition of love then the romantic love we normally think of.

When we see the planet through the eyes of love, we protect it. When we see others, we are more likely to show compassion and understanding, rather than judgment and condemnation. We are more able to help them discover their own best selves — which helps us all.

What would your highest self choose to act on today?

¹ The Bible. New King James Version.

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