Embracing Failure

How do you handle failure when it comes?

Ok, so this month we are going to just talk about embracing failure.  First things first, let’s define failure. Dictionary.com defines it as “Lack of success”.  No one likes to look in the mirror and tell themselves that they have failed. It can hurt, whatever the situation. Something that has really helped me is knowing that there is failure and then there is “life.” You know… kids get sick, jobs are lost, divorce happens, pregnancy comes, illness hits. You fill in the blank. I know it’s so easy to read this and think, “Oh yeah right, Becky, how on earth do you know about failure? You’ve lost 55 pounds and are looking amazing.”  Well, I’m 36 ½ weeks pregnant and back over 200 pounds. I look in the mirror everyday now thinking “WOW! You got big! How could you let yourself do this, Beck?” If I focus on that, focus on the ramifications of this pregnancy and well, quite frankly, wallow in the number on the scale, then I’ll never get anywhere and I will stay stagnant. I can always move forward! But, it really comes to being honest and being brave enough to embrace change and really looking at the mistakes I have made to get me where I am. It’s the basic steps of, “Confess, Reassess, Recommit.”  I can’t take credit for that. Chris and Heidi Powell said that! Let’s chat a little about that.

Confess, Reassess, Recommit!

Confess, Reassess, Recommit!

Those three words have changed my life. They took me from 205 pounds to 155 pounds. Sure, there’s the day in and day out of nutrition and working out, but when mistakes happen, or situations come up those three words helped me get back on track.  It’s so easy to stay stuck and look to the past, but those words helped me move on. Helped me embrace imperfection and focus on the future. Do you ever think about confessing things to yourself? It’s scary, isn’t it? Terrifying sometimes! Especially if you confess something to someone else. Yet, when you do, when you truly embrace the mistakes, it’s oddly freeing. It’s an element of knowing and being aware of what can be fixed! If you are not honest with yourself how can you truly change and get better. That was something that really changed my life on my health journey.

That leads to reassessing: finding the mistake and fixing it.

Finally take that last part and recommitting. Remember you are recommitting to yourself! What an amazing thing!  Seeing yourself as valuable. This can be an incredible change! See yourself as worth that healthy food, time away from the kids to workout, or that night away to get a break! You are worth it! And for me, my life changed when I started seeing myself as worth eating healthy food and worth the time I could get for a workout. When I would be selfish to make sure that I get my time, I found the “me” that I always wanted and always knew was in there. When I found my integrity, that’s when I could move forward!

Sure, some may look at me now and say “DANG, you failed.” It’s my circumstances and I know it will take more time to get back to where I was, but you know what… I WILL GET THERE! There is no other option. It’s my integrity to keep the promise that I have made to myself to find that “me” again.  So, don’t be afraid to stand up and recommit! We all “fail.” Don’t be afraid of failure, embrace it and learn from it! You can do it!

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