Bigger Than the Picture Frame Christmas Special

I am often challenged by the fact that God’s way of doing things often seems to be the opposite of how we do things. Instead of proving himself as ‘King of the Hill,’ our God and Savior chose humility; He abandoned heaven in all its riches and glory. This should completely humble all mankind. “How […]

Bigger Than the Picture Frame: Part 2

In his book Whisper¹, Mark Batterson talks about Dr. Alfred Tomatis and the task of examining the hearing of employees subjected to daily sounds of plane engines. These employees suffered from work-related deafness and voice impediments. He noted that the alterations of their ears were systematically accompanied by vocal deficiencies. He later highlighted that the […]

Bigger Than the Picture Frame

I remember as kids playing a game called King of the Hill also known as King of the Mountain or Castle. The focus of the game was to take control of the top of the hill or pile of trash, sand or any other designated area as the Hill. The other players are to attempt […]